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Individual Therapy

I believe that the heart of therapy is creating a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere to deepen understanding of how once-necessary but now outdated beliefs and patterns are obstacles to a sense of fulfillment and happiness. In a respectful and collaborative therapeutic relationship, we work to clarify and expand your life story, explore hidden and unrealized parts of yourself to reduce shame and guilt, and untangle confusing expectations of yourself and others. I deeply believe this work can generate emotional stability, increased forgiveness of yourself and others, and connect you with your true ambition and a more fully authentic sense of self.

Couples Therapy

Because people change as they move through their lives, intimate relationships need to change and grow as well. When partners remain open and accepting, intimate relationships can be a source of great pleasure, comfort, and vitality. But just as intimate relationships stir our greatest longings, they can also awaken our greatest fears and spark intense feelings of disappointment and hurt or resentment and betrayal. Sometimes avoidance, defensiveness, or even destructiveness take hold as each partner struggles to protect their vulnerabilities and maintain their balance. Couples therapy can help intimate relationships get back on track and transform the confusion and pain of relationship gridlock into opportunities for growth and intimate connectedness.

Group Therapy

Since 2002 I have offered a weekly Men’s Process and Support Group specifically designed for men seeking greater self-understanding and more satisfying personal relationships. Currently I offer two groups: a Monday evening and a Wednesday evening group. The format includes education and discussion about men’s issues within the context of mutual support and interpersonal process (ie, what is happening right here and right now in this immediate moment).